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Big Game Fly Fishing


"The IGFA saltwater fly fishing world records were literally rewritten in 1998 in the south-east fishery of Port Stephens. The newly recognised billfish on fly capital of the world was realised with a staggering total of five world records for Black and Striped marlin taken during the Marlin season"

Dean Butler-world renowned big game flyfishing specialist

The boys on Calypso, having helped pioneer the sport of big game fly fishing in Australia, means you will be guided by one of the most experienced fly fishing Captains and crew, some of the most successful in the World for big game flyfishing. For Fly Fisherman interested in targeting a World Record on Fly and who fish the waters of Guatemala or Costa Rica then you may be interested in Port Stephens.

What makes Port Stephens unique is that whilst we don't have multiple sailfish in Port Stephens like Guatemala or Costa Rica we do have multiple amounts of blue, black and striped marlin. What you will see in Port Stephens is potential World Record size marlin. We have just taken taken the Ladies World Record this week (March 2008) with a 62.4kg striped marlin on 16kg (8lb) line beating the previous record held of 49 kg.

Congratulations Diana Owen of North Carolina.

When making enquiry please specify target species, size and line class so trip can be customized for your requirements.

Australia and especially Port Stephens has become the hotspot for fly anglers targeting marlin on the fly, with an average day marlin flyfishing we raise around 10 marlin per day with an excellent tease to hooked fish ratio.We customise the tackle to suit tippet class and use a selection of Tibor and Charlton fly reels.


Best time to come for the flyfishing in Port Stephens is from January through April.

Contact Captain Tim Dean to reserve your fly spot now.

Book your Marlin Fishing flyfishing school slot for 2010 with world class guide Jake Jordan.

Starts in March 2010

Contact Captain Tim for details